BEGGARS & CHOOSERS is a new musical that captures the imagination and the hearts of our economic downturn, the corporations who took us there, and the men, women, and children who continue to suffer today under the arm of economic tyranny. Filled with humor, insight and joy in the face of adversity, Beggars & Choosers is a rollicking journey through the world of banksters, corruption, and outright thievery. Socially relevant and creatively compelling, Beggars & Choosers is a musical feast that feeds the heart and soul of our nation and brings the economy to life!

"Jill Wright is a prophet in her own country. With Beggars & Choosers she is taking a hammer to the walls that surround all these people who are ruining the nation." ~ Ed Asner, actor/activist

A personal message from Ed Asner about Beggars & Choosers

"Credit Card Blues" from the recent staged reading

Performance by Lynette DuPree

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